Full Container Gate In
  • The data in Container Loading Plan (CLP) & Equipment Interchange Receipt (EIR) must be correct in detail. 
  • The seal number of the container must be in accordance with EIR and kept in good condition.

  • KAOCT reserves the right to refuse acceptance of disclosed, overweight or polluted containers.  

  • DG label must be pasted appropriately and remain customer contact information in EIR.
  • Please provide temperature on CLP, EIR or notification for Export Reefer Container with customer’s stamp.  If the temperature shown on EIR is different from the actual, truckers need to confirm with the customer directly.
  • When OOG cargo gates in, the cargo shall be securely fastened on the ordinary chassis. If the ship chief officer is not satisfied with the lashing condition; the shipping line (customers) are held responsible.

  • For truckers' and operational safety, the pin must be removed from chassis for all Gate-in containers. 



Pick up Full Container

  • Container will be required to finish Customs declaration first and the consignee/brokers must settle all port and storage charges in advance.

  • Truckers must hand in all necessary documents according to shipping line regulations for full container pick-up
  • Truckers will receive an EIR, Container Note for Gate-out Inspection and a ticket with information telling him where his container is. 
  • Over freetime :
    • OOCL Cargo:
      • Please pay demurrage at KAOCT counter before container pick-up.
    • Others:
      • Please contact the shipping line.
  • Other requirements:  
    • All Gate-out containers must insert the pin into the chassis before leaving the terminal.
    • The speed limit for the Public Lane in the 2nd Container Center is 30km and in KAOCT container yard it is 20 km.  
    • Truckers are prohibited from entering the container storage area to find out where the container is. 


Pick up Empty Container



  • No items must be found inside the container.  If found, they must be reported to the Customs officer on site for inspection and handling.

  • Please change the container if you are not satisfied with the container’s condition before gate-out.

  • Please ensure the pin is inserted safely before leaving the terminal.

Empty Container Gate In/Return

Shipping line for empty loading:

  • When the shipping line would like to load empty containers, a list of the nominated containers should be given to KAOCT in advance for smooth operations.   

Local Empty Return: 
  • Please check with the shipping line for empty return depot.

Empty containers must be in good condition and doors fully closed for safe operation.

Reefer Container Delivery Reservation

In order to save time for Reefer Container Pick-up, KAOCT provides “Reefer Container Pick up Reservation” service. 

  • Download “Reefer Container Pick up Reservation list
  • Complete the form, including specific container number, pick-up time, and truck number and driver ID numbers.
  • Fax to Reefer Team (07-8214842) or Gate-In (07-8151972) for pre-arrangement

Requirements for Export/ Transit Dangerous Containers

Before Gate-In: 

  • The shipping line must provide DG cargo Booking Number or Container Number for GATE to pre-arrange.
  • DG cargo should be marked with "hazardous" and shipper's 24 hours emergency telephone number on CLP or EIR.
  • If it is not necessary to stick DG labels on the container, please mark "non-hazardous materials" on CLP or EIR. (warning label must be attached)
  • Please fax DG data to 07-8151972.


  • DG container will not be allowed to gate in without DG label 
  • Shipping Line is responsible for the accuracy of IMO class and DG label position.  KAOCT is only responsible for checking if DG label is adhered or not.
  • KAOCT has specific storage area for DG container.  If the notice of DG cargo cannot be informed in advance, the unexpected damage or loss would be on the shipping line's account.
  • Truckers cannot remove the DG label during transportation and re-stick for GATE check.  If DG label loses its stickiness, a new one will be requested before this container is allows to be storage in KAOCT.
  • The paper copied DG label is strictly prohibited in KAOCT.


The handling charge of late notice of DG cargo:

  • All extra cost, including shifting charge should be on the shipping line account.  
  • KAOCT cannot take any responsibility for the accuracy of DG IMO class, if KAOCT is authorized to stick the label for DG cargo. As there is no correct DG label in KAOCT, shipping lines should handle this themselves.
  • If IMO class is not accordance with DG label and this leads to rejection by the ship, all extra costs of shifting will be on the shipping line's account.  

OOG Handling Requirement 

In order to improve safety and efficiency, any overweight or over dimension cargo (OOG) should be stowed on an ordinary chassis during its stay at this terminal. OOG cargo with any of the following conditions should be stowed on a low-bed chassis in order to safeguard cargo:

  • Cargo height reaching above the equipment top (9.5’ container) by 1.2 meters.
  • Cargo width over equipment by 0.6 meters on each side.
  • The width of the cargo does not reach over the equipment side by 0.6 meters but its height is over equipment bottom width by more than 1.7 times.
  • Cargo gross weight over 35 tons          

Export OOG cargo:

  • Please make a reservation with the CY Planner before your cargo Gate-In. The correct cargo length, width, height, weight and its center of gravity should be indicated with the stamp and the signature of the owner's name on the CLP.
  • No OOG cargo will be accepted to enter KAOCT without any reservation or if any cargo information is missing.
  • KAOCT reserves the right to refuse OOG cargo to gate in, if it is secured unsafely or if the center of gravity is not balanced.
  • The trucker should keep OOG cargo at its appointed position with ordinary low-bed chassis before loading on board. If the trucker cannot leave the ordinary or low-bed chassis, KAOCT will offer shifting and renting chassis service at extra cost. This fee must be paid in advance, subject to contract.

  • The shipping line (customers) should be responsible for all damage to personnel, vehicles, or equipment caused by the incorrect data or unqualified chassis provided by the shipping line (customers).


To uphold safety standards, please remind customers about the importance of lashing and provide KAOCT detailed information about OOG & BB for pre-arrangement, which will help avoid extra costs.  In addition, please inform your business partners, customers, and trucking company about the working procedures of OOG & BB cargo in advance.

For any enquiries about these procedures, please contact the Operation Center.

BB Cargo Handling Requirements

BB cargo for Export

  • The shipping line should provide the correct cargo information such as dimension, gross weight, POD and center of gravity in details. And also, please contact the Planning Department about loading arrangements. Also inform the shipper that they should tow the BB cargo (which has completed customs declaration) to the shipside for loading directly. KAOCT does not offer extra shifting chassis service.

BB cargo for Import

  • To ensure and smooth and safe offloading operation, the shipping line should:

    • Provide the details of the cargo size, weight, and photos before ship arrival

    • Contact the Planning Department for actual discharge time

    • Inform the shipper to provide low-bed chassis for the shipside operation.

  • Please contact CY Planner for BB cargo pick-up arrangement from 08:00~24:00, Monday to Friday.
  • Customers must pay all terminal charges before cargo Gate-out


If you have any enquiries on these procedures, please contact the Operation Center.

OOG/BB Cargo Pick-up

Discharge requirement:

  • All OOG cargo must be discharged on the chassis until Gate-out.

  • Please provide cargo data or detailed photos before the vessel arrival.   If the shipping line (customers) fail to provide the cargo data and photos for operation pre-arrangement, the extra handling cost incurred by tumbling or tilting cargo will be charged to the shipping line (customers).
    • If OOG cargo weight is not distributed well or tilted badly, or the condition might jeopardize the operation, KAOCT will treat it as B/B cargo. The operation rate will be based on the B/B cargo, and the extra lashing, securing, and unlashing cost will be on the shipping line (customers) account.
    • Shipping line (customers) need to arrange low-bed chassis before discharge if the cargo which is belongs to overweight or over dimension (OOG).  Please contact with Operation department about details before chassis gate-in. 

    • KAOCT will offer ordinary or low-bed chassis renting service as per the shipping line (Customers) request.  Please contact the counter about low-bed chassis charge.

    • If shipping line (customers) don’t agree to provide or rent low-bed chassis, KAOCT will not discharge OOG cargo.  If shift action occurs, KAOCT will collect the shifting charge.


OOG Cargo Pick-up

  • Brokers must pay the terminal charge at the accounting counter in advance, and complete Customs declaration.
  • Cargo may be picked-up after checking, subject to no further questions from Customs officers.

To uphold safety standards, shipping lines should remind customers about the importance of lashing and provide KAOCT with detailed information about OOG & BB for pre-arrangement which avoids extra cost.  In addition, please inform your business partners, customers, and trucking company about working procedures of OOG & BB cargo in advance. 

For any enquiries about these procedures, please contact the Operation Center.


IVR Service

Inquiry Line: 822-1385 (4 lines) 



Listen to the voicemail operator. You will hear the following information:    

  • ┌   Vessel schedule, please press 1
  • ├   Container Status Inquiry, please press 2
  • └   Announcement, please press 3


Container Status Enquiry → password:123456,End your password by pressing the # key → press container number, for example: OOLU987654-3,press: 987654)→Your will hear the answer as following:

  • ┌ The container you are enquiring about is in the terminal.
  • └ Sorry!The container you are enquiring about is not in terminal currently.


You can be check 3 container statuses for each enquiry, and the System will update automatically every 10 minutes.  You are welcome to check the full container status in KAOCT with IVR.

* All working procedures should be subject to actual work. KAOCT may, at their discretion and without specific notice, make additions to, change, modify, discontinue, delete or suspend working procedures on this page. If you have any questions about work procedures, you may contact the operation department directly.